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Elevator Pit Maintenance

Completely stop any unwanted water intrusion in your elevator pits and provide extra strength and support by sealing the entire structure.

Elevator pits are generally the lowest structure on any building. Due to the depth these pits are installed at, they will be below the water table. Even if the contractor used the best waterproofing methods available, time will take its toll and water will eventually intrude into your pit. This intrusion can lead to safety hazards like mold, mosquitoes, corrosion, electrical damage and loss to structural integrity. We use a method of urethane crack injection to seal the outside structure of your pit from within, without excavation or demolition.
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We use multiple injection points along the walls and floor of the elevator pit and inject our moderately expanding polyurethane, creating a complete casing on the outside of the pit. The polyurethane is hydrophilic, meaning it essentially seeks out water to create the chemical reaction. As the reaction takes effect the chemical begins to spread and expand, sealing that allow water to intrude and tightening the ground soil to offer additional support to the structure
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